Welding helmet CleanAIR Omnira COMBI air, incl. ADF S60F


Grinding shield with integrated air distribution for the highest respiratory protection, protection of eyes and face. It also offers high protection against high speed particles. The shield can be extended with a welding shield, which gives you a full-fledged welding flip-up helmet. It is adapted for use with powered air purifying respirators CleanAIR® or with continuous flow compressed air breathing apparatuses CleanAIR®.

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€ 619,50 Exclusief btw

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Features & Benefits

  • The highest respiratory protection and more comfort thanks to an advanced built-in air distribution system
  • Outer control of the direction of the air in the helmet.
  • Clear visor of the highest optical quality can be easily changed for avaliable alternative visors (yellow; shade 3,5; cylindrical with protection films).
  • Fast and easy replacement of all spare parts
  • Newly designed head suspension allows multiple individual settings.

Adjustable air flow

For more individual comfort you can regulate the airflow in two zones

ZONE 1 – control knob accessible from outside the helmet controls the direction of the air
coming from the lower part of the airduct.
ZONE 2 – the two other outputs are located in the upper part of the helmet. The intensity of the
airstream can be regulated by the two sliders inside the helmet